Chereen Melody - Vocalist/Lyricist/Musician/Producer

Chereen Melody's (aka BLVCKUNI or Chereen to her friends) heart beats for music. She sees it as her dna; the thing that makes her, her. Starting at the age of 9 she learned to play the drums and soon after taught herself to play the piano, the guitar, percussion, and developed her singing voice. However, as deep as her connection  to the world of raw, acoustic instruments is, her passion for EDM is too deep for words. She describes it as a euphoric experience (sans drugs) whenever she is creating or even just listening to EDM. To Chereen, EDM goes deeper than rave life. To her, electronic dance music is exactly what it's called: dance music. It is meant to make you get out of your seat and move and let go. Because when we let go we can be vulnerable and free enough to practice peace, love, unity and respect. That is why Chereen makes music. "The power to make people feel is a great responsibility," in her words, "therefore, why not perpetuate joy?"