Farshid Amin - Singer/Songwriter

Farshid Amin, A true entertainer!

Persian born English raised Persian/American singer/song writer Farshid Amin left Iran at an early age and moved to England where he finished his high school and University studies before moving to the U.S.A. permanently.

Farshid began his professional music career in the American industry in the mid 90`s when he became the lead singer of the renowned east coast progressive pop band `Fear Of Man` playing along side acts like `Blondie` and `Julian Lennon`. 
He was twice nominated by WAMA ( washington area music association) for best vocalist before writing and performing his first Persian mega hit `Nastaran`which thrusted him onto the Persian music scene, making him one of the fastest growing Persian pop stars of all time!
Since then Farshid has written and performed five successful Persian albums with numerous hits and mega hits.

In 2008 Farshid Amin wrote and performed a song in English named `pray with me` which won him an invitation to a Presidential gala, making him the first Persian singer ever to perform at an event of this magnitude.
He has since been praised by the United States state department for successfully promoting diversity in America through his English words and music.

He is also the first Persian/ American singer to perform the U.S. National Anthem at a major NBA basket ball game and the first and only Persian/American to perform `God Bless America`by the invitation of the mayor of Beverly Hills at his innaguration.

Farshid`s wor
k goes beyond music...His charity work for society , especially that of his homeland have been noted on numerous occasions. The proceeds from the sales of many of his songs have been used to provide for the needy children in Iran.

Farshid`s unique and diverse style of music has made him one of the most innovative singer/song writers of his time. He has successfully managed to create and recreate a totally new catagory of his own.This coupled with his sense of responsibility towards society have made Farshid Amin a Persian icon.
Band Interests
70`s & 80`s Rock/metal i.e. Sabbath , Zeppelin , AC/DC , Iron Maiden , Rush , Motor Head , etc...